Pure-Therapy is a holistic therapy service, based in north Surrey offering massage, Reiki and reflexology to help restore an individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Read more about us.

Massage is one of the oldest known therapies and helps to restore balance and harmony on both a physical and emotional level. At Pure-Therapy we focus on the whole person and tailor traditional massage techniques to meet an individual client’s needs, concentrating on target areas and reviewing progress through consultation.

Massage is of benefit to most individuals – subject to contra indications – and is especially helpful in dealing with day to day issues prevalent in modern society, such as stress and insomnia. A program of therapy aids the body in its natural efforts to re-establish equilibrium/homeostasis.

Reflexology works on the belief that reflex areas on the feet/hands correspond with organs and body systems, such that a person’s whole body can be treated through manipulation of the feet/hands.  It is very useful as a treatment for individuals who have ongoing health issues where traditional allopathic medicine is not providing a solution or their health has been compromised.  This therapy is also used in many hospitals when patients receive chemotherapy/radiotherapy to aid recovery.  A program of at least 4 treatments is recommended.

Reiki is a complimentary therapy using the flow of Ki (Chi – life force energy) to aid natural healing and is especially useful for stress reduction, relaxation and aiding healing physical injuries or illnesses.  Used in conjunction with massage, it provides a deeper relaxation for clients. In isolation, it can target specific areas and issues, inducing calm and order and helping to speed up healing.  It is especially beneficial for clients suffering from chronic conditions or undergoing medical treatment where hands on therpies are not appropriate.

Pure-Therapy provides holistic massage for the whole body or shorter sessions aimed at key points such as the back, neck and shoulders, feet or hands etc. We offer Reiki combined with massage and reflexology or as a stand alone treatment.

Touch is an instinctive, powerful and natural part of our lives and through touch we induce feelings of security, comfort and peace.